Vesta Cooking Robot Co., Ltd is a China first factory specialized in designing, manufacturing & supplying intelligent robotics in food industry.

Such as cooking robot, robot waiter, commercial dishwasher machine. And she is born to make food industry much more intelligence, standardized and convenience.

Vesta team is composed by 95 staffs, and the Research and Development personnel take up 60% of whole team. Especially the core staffs from R & D department have graduated from famous universities, such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are good at in the area of robot, automatic, SLAM, LiDAR, indoor positioning, computer vision, HCI etc. and also have full experience on these above advanced technology.

Now, these outstanding quality robotics:  kitchen robot, service robot, commercial dishwasher machine are widely used in home kitchen and various sizes of restaurants from the hotel, pub, bar, company, factory, hospital,school, university and government all over the world.

The all robotics in food industry of Vesta Team have been supplying the following revolution changes and strong benefits for catering industry owners.

Vesta Robotics in Food Industry

Safe, energy Saving, environment friendly

Vesta Robotics in Food Industry

High efficient and keep the meal quality consistency

Vesta Robotics in Food Industry

Saving labor cost largely

Vesta Robotics in Food Industry

Operating easily and improve profit largely