VestaBot Pro Food Delivery Robot Waiter

  • Size: 516 x 500 x 1220 mm
  • Materials: ABS/Aluminium alloy
  • Tray Numbers: Customizable (1-5)
  • Tray Bearing: 10 kgs per tray
  • Driving Method: Rechargeable Battery
  • Charge Time: 4 Hours
  • Endurance Time: 24 Hours

VestaBot is the world’s first indoor used meal delivery robot for food industry, and there are total 3 versions for food delivery robot, such as: Lite, Standard, Pro Version.
The intelligent robots delivering food to the customer’s tables in restaurant, café, hotel perfectly.

Applications: Restaurant, Hotel, Café, Coffee Shop, Club, bar.


Indoor Used Food Delivery Robot Waiter

Advanced Technology for Food Delivery Robot Waiter

Set Sail Effortlessly

The VestaBot adopting the point to point control technology, not need any preset track rails inside the restaurant. Just need about 2 hours to create the maps and prepare the first delivery itself . So, it will not affect the usual opening hours for the restaurants, café, coffee shops and hotels at all.

Professional Positioning and Locomotion Technology

The multi-sensor fusion positioning and navigation technology based on LiDAR, visual sensor, UWB, IMU, encoder, infrared and ultrasonic sensors, etc., empowers VestaBot to move in the restaurant precisely. VestaBot’ s autonomous locomotion ability includes centimeter-level positioning, accurate map creating, agile obstacle avoiding and optimized path planning.

Anti-slippery Design Both Safe and Functional

The trays are designed to fix on the inclined frame. The design guarantees that the gravity center of the robots will always be on top of the chassis so that it won’ t tumble forward or backward when passing through bumps. Anti-slip mats on the trays create large friction, which prevents dishes sliding and food splashing. The independent suspension chassis eases the bumps on the path to the greatest.

Secrets of High-efficiency for Food Delivery Robot

A professional mechanical structure makes multiple trays (Max 5 trays) on one meal delivery robot.
A set of sophisticated algorithms makes multiple tasks within one delivery for each food delivery robot.
An innovated dispatch system makes collaboration working perfectly among multiple food delivery robots.
Multi-trays Multi-trays


Multi-tasks Multi-tasks


Multi-robots Multi-robots Multi-robots Multi-robots Multi-robots


Direct Delivery Mode

One VestaBot can be assigned with multiple delivery tasks to separate tables at the same time. Attendants put orders from separate tables on different trays, input table numbers, and VestaBot will reach customers following optimized paths.

Cruise Delivery Mode

This mode is designed for delivering buffet food, beverage or napkins in large and medium-sized restaurants. VestaBot follows the specified paths, and invites customers to take what they want through voice and visual notifications.

Whole VestaBot Versions (Food delivery robot waiter)

VestaBot Lite VestaBot Standard VestaBot Pro
Direct Delivery Mode Yes Yes Yes
Cruise Delivery Mode No Yes Yes
Shortest Path Delivery No No Yes
Multi-robots Collaboration Yes Yes Yes
Positioning Accuracy Standard Standard Accurate
Obstacle Avoidance Standard Standard Fluent
Delivery Speed Standard Standard Fast
Tray Numbers 3 Customizable (1-5) Customizable (1-5)
Multiple tables per Delivery 3 Customizable (1-5) Customizable (1-5)
Customized Advertisement No Yes Yes
Deployment Standard Standard Simple
Remote Update Yes Yes Yes

Talk to a Food Delivery Robot Expert
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Jackie Yao


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FAQ - VestaBot (Food Delivery Robot Waiter)

1. Why are you design the Non humanoid delivery robot ?

Vesta is designed to achieve its potential to reduce the monotonous and repetitive work, the framework of multi-trays enable it to deliver dishes to a maximum of five tables for once.

2. How to ensure robot delivering foods to the correct tables ?

The trail is set by the map created when installing the robot, so the robot is able to achieve zero-mistake once the base station function well.

3. Can the delivery robot explore and create map indoors like sweep robot ?

The application situation of sweep robot is relatively simple and it can collide, while the used for Vesta Delivery Robot is exceptionally complex. Therefore the process of creating map cannot be done without technicians, But, Vesta will offer the service for free.

4. Does it take a lot to complete the installation ?

Vesta will offer free training to your technical team, it needs one or two days to complete the installation, but if you need more base stations, the time may be a little longer.

5. Do we have to pay for the update of the software ?

The update is free for lifetime.

6. Is it free to change components ?

We will offer free components under quality warranty, which last one year since the shipment.

Additional information
Machine Size


Total Weight

30 kg


ABS / Aluminium alloy

Charging Time

4 Hours


24 Hours

Tray Bearing

10 kgs per Tray

The Maximum Slope Angle


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Faq-general Question

1. What is your main product ?

Our main products are the robots for catering industry, such as food delivery robot, cooking robot, commercial dishwasher & glass washer.

2. What is the MOQ ?

We are willing to sell One unit in order have a good start for the long last cooperation.

3. What's your delivery time ?

Normally 20-25 days from received deposit to ETD.

4. What is your payment terms ?

T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union.

5. Do you accept OEM/ODM ?

Yes, of course. We have a very excellent R&D team for the robots in food industry.

6. Can you offer us some accessories for our replacement ?

Yes, we will offer 1% spare parts in each official order.

7. For the shipment process , what you could do for us ?

We have our cooperated shipment company which have experience in shipment transport (sea or air). We could help you in shipment process.