Automatic Singapore Fried Rice Cooking Robots for Restaurants

Fully automatic Singapore fried rice cooking robots for restaurants (Vesta-FR-10I1) is a kind of cooking robot for Singapore restaurant. It is used to cook fried rice and also can be used to cook some dishes. The meals supply capacity can be at 50-60 persons per hour. And used in restaurants and fast food shop all over the world.

Fully Automatic Singapore Fried Rice Cooking Robots for Restaurants- VESTA

Fully Automatic Singapore Fried Rice Cooking Robots for Restaurants- VESTA

Main Functions

  • Automated heat and accurate heat control
  • Automated stir with speed-adjusting tools
  • Automatic process control
  • Electromagnetic heat power gear indication
  • Convenient cookware discharging and cleaning
  • Human voice operating prompt

Recommended Users

Restaurants, fast food shop and the dining halls from company, school, university, government.

Basic Specification

Product Model Vesta-FR-10I1-1
Input Voltage 220 V/50 HZ
Wattage 0.6 kW
Color Stainless steel
Boundary Dimension L 460* W 710* H 1400 (mm)
Power interface single-phase power cable
Net Weight 77 Kg

Strong Benefits.

1. Reduce employees and make common staffs became chef.
2. High efficient and keep the meals quality consistency.
3. Make meals are much more nutrition and health.
4. Energy Saving and Saving cost.
1). Save labor cost up to 50%.           2). Save water and electricity cost up to 40%.
3). Save edible oil cost up to 30%.   4). Soot emissions decreased to 80%.
5. Make your restaurants management and repeat fast and easily.

Cook Information.

Types of heating: liquefied gas or natural gas
Cook cost time: Average 3 minutes every time
Single quantity foods produced : 0.35-1 kg
Meals supply capacity : 50-60 persons per hour

Installation Site.

Width>460 mm
Depth>710 mm
Height>1400 mm
The total net area should be at least 0.33 m².


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