Commercial Dishwasher

Vesta company supplying outstanding quality dishwasher machine for commercial used, including under counter, hood & rack conveyor dishwasher.


Cooking 4.0 Kg Chow Mein Cooking Robot for Chinese Food

Food Delivery Robot

VestaBot is the world’s first indoor used Non humanoid service robot waiter in commercial restaurants, cafes. And there are total 3 versions for food delivery robot..


Cooking Robot

Vesta Cooking Robot is the world’s first kitchen robot for Chinese food. Including dish fried kitchen cook robot, fried rice kitchen robot, chow mein robot chef, stew robot chef.


Commercial Hood Dishwasher

Stabilize the rinsing result.
Number of seats for business reference is 80 - 200 seats.

Cooking 1.5Kg Dish Fried Kitchen Robot for Fast Food Shop

Microcomputer automatic control
Automatic heating and accurate heat control
Automatic stirring with speed-adjusting tools


Vesta Cooking Robot Co., Limited is a China first supplier specializing in designing & manufacturing the intelligent robots for food industry.

Such as cooking robot (robot chef), robot waiter, service robot in restaurants, food delivery robot and commercial dishwasher machine. And she is born to make the catering industry much more intelligence and convenience.
The Vesta Cooking Robot Co., Limited’s team is composed by 95 staffs, and the Research and Development personnel take up 60% of whole team. Especially the core staffs from R & D department have graduated from famous universities, such as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences. They are good at in the area of robotics, automatic, SLAM, LiDAR, indoor positioning, computer vision, HCI etc. and also have full experience on these above advanced technology.